Our Dedicated Team

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Founders and Organisers

Dr. Dima Raad

Founder / General Commissioner
Baalbeck International Symposium


Doctorate Thesis in History of Arts History of Arts Lebanese University
Master’s Degree in fine Arts Lebanese University
Master’s Degree in Archeology Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences – Lebanese University

  • President of the Association of the Lebanese Artists- Painters and Sculptors
  • Director of Cinema -Theaters and Exhibitions Affairs at the Ministry of Culture since the year 2011 till 2014.
  • Head of the Exhibition’s Department at the Ministry of Culture since the year 1993 till 2014.
  • Professor at the Lebanese University- Faculty of Fine Arts since the year 2005 till the present.
  • Member of the Superior Council of Childhood – MinisPresident of the Association try of Social Affairs since the year 2005 till 2014.
  • Executive member and previous treasurer of the National Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
  • Previous Member of the National Committee of Women’s Affairs with a rank of Officer Gender.
  • Participated in the preparation of the Art Education programmers and the Art programmers for the teachers Training- center for Educational Research and Development.   2000-2001

Positions Held previously and current positions.

  • Former Secretary General of Public Relations at the Lebanese Artist’s Syndicate
  • Coordinator and supervisor of the Cultural Weeks organized by the Ministry of Culture abroad mainly in the following countries: France, Britain, Germany, United States of America, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, China, India, Portugal, Yemen, Soudan, Abu Dhabi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Algeria, Bangladesh, Greece, Colombia.
  • Participated and represented Lebanon in local and international conferences.
  • Interviews in different media and she was subject to many articles in the field of creativity.
  • A member in many juries in the local and international field.


  • Curator and participant on many Biennials and many group shows in the following countries: Portugal ,Germany, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Greece, Algeria, Soudan, Syria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Japan, China, Holland.
  • Solo Exhibitions: Lebanon, Germany, France, Switzerland, Colombia, Dubai.
  • Commissioner and participated in many local and external exhibitions, mainly : The United States of America, Britain, France, Germany, Algeria, China, Egypt, Syria, Portugal, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, India.
  • General Commissioner of the International Beirut General Biennial for the paintings of children – Beirut – Lebanon.


  • Holder of many certificates of honor, the last one, the award of Artistic Creativity for the year 2014 from the Association of the Lebanese Artists- Painters and sculptors.

Nasri Said Osman

Co-Founder / Baalbeck International Symposium
President of the Baalbek Municipalities Union


Mr. Nasri Said Osman, a prominent member of the city of Baalbeck, is currently the President of the Baalbek Municipalities Union and a member of the City Council since 2016.

He is active in Social Affairs with the civil associations in the society, where he has the upper hand in improving the general situation at all levels, especially the Baalbek Commercial Market in cooperation with the Baalbek Dealers Association in which he is a member since 1974, and was elected its president in 2003.

He worked on implementing the development plan to activate the commercial market and establish shopping festivals and beautify shops in order to boost the economic wheel.

He organized a number of scientific, cultural, educative and literary activities; in addition to the creation of workshops for the development of the Baalbeck-Hermel area within the municipalities under the banner of the Union.

He participated in many conferences on development and municipal work with international bodies in France, Turkey and Germany.

Mr. Nasri Said Osman is the first supporter, shareholder ,and fans to host the First International Symposium 2018 in the beautiful city of Baalbeck.


Team Members

Lamis Chkeir, Executive Producer
Michel Khattar, Artistic & Technical Manager
Amal Mansour, Attaché de Presse
Marwan Wakim, Photographer
Nabil Ramadan, Social Media
Rabih Mattar, Graphics
Krystel Koussa, Assistant
Simon Wakim, Designer/Web Developer
Ismail Chehab, Association’s Coordinator
Ahmad Khalife, Floor Manager