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Dr. Dima Raad

From the year 2003, the Lebanese well known artist from Baalbeck, DIMA RAAD, recently the president of LAAPS (the Lebanese Art Association for Painters & Sculptors), was trying to transfer the international symposiums’ experience that she shared thru many art festivals all around the world. After 15 years, she got a chance to make this dream come true in BAALBECK, one of the finest artistic and historical locations of the whole world. (Learn more about Dima Raad)

The Event

Counted among the wonders of the Ancient World, Baalbeck city will host more than 20 leading artists from different areas of the globe: Argentina, Italy, China, Mexico, France, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon… The Symposium will take place from August 24, 2018 till September 09, 2018, where all eyes will be focused of the remarkable masterpieces that these artists will be sculpting, installing and drawing.

Mr. Nasri Said Osman

Mr. Nasri Said Osman, a prominent member of the city of Baalbeck, is currently the President of the Baalbek Municipalities Union and a member of the City Council since 2016. He is active in Social Affairs with the civil associations in the society, where he has the upper hand in improving the general situation at all levels, especially the Baalbek Commercial Market in cooperation with the Baalbek Dealers Association in which he is a member since 1974, and was elected its president in 2003.

He worked on implementing the development plan to activate the commercial market and establish shopping festivals and beautify shops in order to boost the economic wheel.

He organized a number of scientific, cultural, educative and literary activities; in addition to the creation of workshops for the development of the Baalbeck-Hermel area within the municipalities under the banner of the Union.

He participated in many conferences on development and municipal work with international bodies in France, Turkey and Germany.Mr. Nasri Said Osman is the first supporter, shareholder ,and fans to host the First International Symposium 2018 in the beautiful city of Baalbeck.


Create a sustainable event in Baalbeck that reflects the historical, cultural and social dimensions of the city.


Gather international elite artists from different disciplines to create huge scale works of art.


  • Produce artwork that fits the urban context of the city
  • Reshape the architectural identity of this historical city
  • Bring recognition back of Baalbeck’s culture and art
  •  Stimulate tourism in the Baalbeck region and Lebanon